''Your Music Strikes Me As Attractive; A Very Elegant Album.''- Klaus George Roy- Cleveland Orchestra Music Critic, Concert Narrator, Teacher And Lecturer.

Dance Of The Soul. A Medically Proven Healing Music Medicine®. Promotes Relaxing Peace. For Body, Mind And Spirit. A Therapeutic Magical Blend! Digital Album Download.

Allen J. Friedman

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About the Artist- Recording Artist, Songwriter, and Award Winning Composer, Allen Jay Friedman, (Allen Jay) Cleveland, Ohio USA, has been involved in music for over 50 years. Credits include award winning scores for radio, television, and a variety of multi-media productions. Created Dance Of The Soul, A Medically Proven Healing Music Medicine.® Friedman's elegant approach in selecting the palette of musical color and texture weaves a richness that is deeply felt and not soon to be forgotten.

Interwoven with wondrous melodies and moving lyrics, his music insures each listener an emotionally awakening experience.

This Healing music medicine® benefits those suffering from Anxiety, Depression, Illness and Pain. Creates Perfect Serenity. Proven Therapeutic Treatment, Valuable in Hospital Settings, Hospice Care, Massage Therapy or anywhere you desire magic! Beyond comprehension...can't put into words...touches that part of you, that part of you who you really are..INFINITY!

EDITORIAL REVIEWS: "Your music strikes me as attractive; an elegant CD and Album''- Klaus G. Roy -Cleveland Orchestra Music Critic.- "This special music allows one to go deep, straight to the realm of healing." "Musical Intuition,Wonderful,Embraces the soul"..."Deeply felt expressiveness"..."Your music is so beautiful"..."After listening to this music, I felt relaxing peace...''Heavenly music...''These songs are sweet and soothing''...''The celestial harmonies are beautiful.''

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